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Post by SamKaiba on Tue May 08, 2012 5:52 am

I always claim that my babysitter was TV. I've grown up watching over 100 different anime titles and even though lately I've slacked a bit, I still try to keep up to date with the popular series going on. I am also an avid reader and my favourite genre is Fantasy and Historical Novels. At the moment though I've been reading Mangas and Comics mostly such as The Walking Dead and Fables.

Apart from watching TV (and at the moment I'm a keen series watcher with over 15 shows a week) I also like writing. I discovered that I like writing when I attempted fan-fiction way back in 2005. My very first follower and fan on quizzilla is still one of my greatest friends Jessmarie from Puerto Rico. She pushed me to try and experiment with my writing skills. I also met an american girl who is still a great friend, Shell, and she introduced me to Role-Playing. I've been Role-playing since 2005 (7 years wow!) and since then I've built various story plots and characters. Some story plots are 5 years old too Razz At the moment I only roleplay with my best friend Kim on a daily basis through emails, on a space-pirates conspiracy series (with over 1000 word document pages font 12 written).

Being a 1st year teacher has exhausted me lately so my muse is on vacation, I hope that with the arrival of Summer she comes back as I have a project in the pipeline for the MCC 2012 but I need a good dose of inspiration to make it happen!

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