Classics comics I am currently reading!

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Classics comics I am currently reading! Empty Classics comics I am currently reading!

Post by Christopher Muscat on Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:59 pm

Last week, read Corto Maltese....have been hearing lots of praise for this book and it is well deserved. A famous comic character which has a Maltese origin. Considering the time period the book was issued, Hugo Pratt's story is quite flowing both in artwork and narration. Apart from the sketchy artwork(this is a compliment), the colors the pencils. I really recommend it!

As bedtime reading, I have been following the recent collected editions by Dark Horse Comics of the classic Savage Sword of Conan comic book. Classic Stuff! May not be to everyone cup of tea but one must appreciate the artwork rendered by none other the John Buscema!
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