The History of Wicked Comics and How to Join us!

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The History of Wicked Comics and How to Join us! Empty The History of Wicked Comics and How to Join us!

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Who are these Wicked people?

Wicked Comics is a non profit voluntary organization aimed at promoting the comic culture both in Malta and abroad. Wicked Comics was conceived in 2005 when a bunch of proud-to-be-geeks with a penchant for writing, drawing and organizing events decided that it was time to kick start the local comic scene.


It all started with The Big Bang! In our case it literally did, since the first event we organized was a comic gathering called The Big Bang. This was the first of its kind in Malta and from it we learned three main things:

1. That we weren't the only geeks on the Island and that many are those who practice the comic culture in Malta.
2. That there was a nice number of local creators who had both the potential and the interest to create comics.
3. That hot chicks love comics too.

The Big Bang was such a success that Wicked Comics immediately began laying the foundations to organize the first Comic Con on the Island. In addition to this, Wicked Comics kept a close relationship with the local creators helping them develop the local scene further by providing various platforms for the creators to showcase their work. These included various spots on local television, the publishing of comic strips in local magazines such as Manic and Reply and exhibition space in a variety of popular events such as Notte Bianca and Earth Garden Festival.

On a sunny October weekend in 2009 Wicked Comics made history by holding the first Comic Convention in Malta at St. James Cavalier, Valletta. Present at this event were the best local creators as well as internationally recognized guests such as David Lloyd, Tim Perkins, Mike Collins, Warren Pleece and Sean Azzopardi. The Comic Con also included talks, workshops, movies, anime, video games, Cosplay, exhibition and retail stands. The feedback we got was so positive that we decided to make the Malta Comic Con an annual event.

On a stormy October weekend with sunny patches in 2010 Wicked Comics held the second edition of the Malta Comic Con. This was bigger, better, bolder and a lot more adjectives beginning with B. Present at this event were the best local creators as well as internationally recognized guests such Claudio Castellini, Liam Sharp, Gary Erskine, Dave Windett, Renee Witterstaetter, Tim Perkins and Sean Azzopardi. Australian born but London based Pop Culture Hound journalist Chris Thompson also came to review the event. The show was also attended by honourable dignitaries such as Ms. Gonzi and Ms. Abela the respective wives of the Prime Minister and the President of Malta.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who in one way or another contributed, helped or attended the shows. After all you are the ones who give life to the Malta Comic Con.

Wicked Comics were also instrumental in launching a number of original and exciting comics published by Maltese Creators which include the following:

1. The Golden Lizard (80 page full colour graphic novel) featuring the work of Fabio Agius, Chirs Le Galle, Mark Ellul, Sean Cini and Tim Perkins (cover).
2. The Tsar (Issue 1, 48 pages) featuring the work of Joseph Bugeja and Joseph Farrugia.
3. Hal Mudlam (Issue 1, 32 pages) featuring the work of Joseph Bugeja.
4. Arcana Crusade (Volume 1, 92 pages) featuring the work of Bernard Micallef.
5. For Gallantry featuring the work of Fabio Giangolini
6. Il-Gawgaw u l-Imlejka (running series) featuring the work of Komiks tas-Sikkina creators.
7. Kranium (running series) featuring the work of Komiks tas-Sikkina creators.

The third Malta Comic Con was held on Saturday 26th November and Sunday 27th November 2011.


Wicked Comics are currently working on the fourth Malta Comic Con. In addition to this, Wicked Comics are also structuring a membership scheme to provide more opportunities for Maltese creators to advance further in the field. In conjunction with this, Wicked Comics have also launched a series of monthly workshops covering various aspects of comic creation.

We've also just re-designed our website, which we would like to act as a hub of comic activity and to be a permanent platform for web comics. So if you're in some way connected to the comic culture and would like to be profiled in our website just get in touch with us. If you wish to submit any web-comics including strips get in touch as well. We also accept reviews by third parties on anything related to the comic culture, so any reviews you want featured send them to us. We also promise to review any material sent to us for such purpose.


Only God knows what the future holds, even though a lot of fortune tellers and their ilk claim to be just as versed in the subject. However, we're not that presumptuous, what we can tell you is what we're planning. How it will all pan out in the end remains to be seen, but we'd like you all to be part of it.

We will continue working hard on developing and expanding further the Comic Con. We are also working on holding educational lectures to school children so as to encourage more people to practice the comic culture. Foreign exchange programs are also in the pipeline. On top of all this we will keep thinking of new ways to promote the comic culture.

How To Become Wicked

Wicked Comics is not just an organization. It's a lifestyle! Damn, this is sounding cheesier than a Quattro Formaggi. Seriously though, we're really a living organism, which is constantly evolving. That said, nothing gives us more pleasure than knowing that there are others out there who get as excited about the comic culture as we do.

So, whoever and whatever you maybe, we want to hear from you. Any ideas as to what you'd like to see in this Comic Con or in any future Wicked Comics event we would love to know about them. If you're in anyway connected to the world of comics we would love to get to know you. If you would like to participate in our events don't hesitate to contact us. If you know of any person, animal and creature that has a passion for comics contact us on their behalf and then tell them to contact us as well. If you're established in the industry or just a beginner, Wicked Comics is one family that will always have a place for you!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us on or join us on our Facebook Page or our Malta Comic Con Website.

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