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Sanctuary’s Edge - There for the taking Empty Sanctuary’s Edge - There for the taking

Post by qualinwraith on Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:05 pm

Imagine a savage, uncharted world that has forgotten the touch of civilisation and reclaimed its barbaric past. Imagine vast tracts of unclaimed land, where feral beasts prowl and the biggest rule without contest. Imagine an endless frontier, waiting to be conquered.

This is Sanctuary, a harsh, unforgiving land. So are its people, who carve a daily living from its surface through blood, sweat, and tears. As men and women of the frontier, they look towards the horizon, and see their own potential mirrored back at them.

The unclaimed territories, or the Expanse, as the locals call it, represent sheer unadulterated opportunity: The opportunity to hit the motherload and succeed beyond one’s wildest dreams - along with the opportunity to fall so far that rock bottom merely feels like a bump on the way down.

For those who are able to grasp their fate with both hands, life on the frontier is a tempting prospect. No law, no authority, no rules - a perpetual battlefield where might makes right and the quick often live longer than the brave.

But opportunity does not come easy, or cheaply. For every accomplishment, there are countless failures. For every legend, hundreds are forgotten. For every hero, there are plenty of dusty corpses, scorched to a crisp on the rocky plains.

Welcome to Sanctuary’s Edge! Below are some handy questions to get you started on who we are, and what is Sanctuary’s Edge.

Who are we?

We are Mechanimus Studios, a small fledgling games company that is currently working on its first game product: Sanctuary’s Edge. We’ve been working on the game for a couple of years, and we feel it is time to send our baby out into the big bad world.

Comicon, with its rich blend of burgeoning local talent showcased alongside established industry veterans, is the perfect place for the first unveiling of Sanctuary’s Edge.

What is Sanctuary's Edge?

Sanctuary’s Edge is a table-top role-playing game that puts every player in the shoes of someone trying to make it big in a harsh unforgiving world full of other people trying to do exactly the same thing.

The action takes place within a setting that brings together elements ranging from futuristic science fiction and frontier exploration, and can unfold anywhere and anyhow players like.

From shootouts and hover-bike chases across dusty plains and rocky crevices, to infiltration and espionage in corporate towers or science laboratories, Sanctuary’s Edge is a canvas upon which your imagination can be effortlessly painted.

How does the game work?

Sanctuary’s Edge is all about telling a story.

It could be a story about adventure, exploration, danger and risk. Or it could be about achieving something great, something lasting, or surmounting daunting odds to come out on top. It could also be about undauntable human spirit, about doing the right thing no matter what. Imagination is the key.

Ideally, Sanctuary’s Edge is played by a small group of friends who get together and explore Sanctuary together, guiding your heroes through the story which the Games Marshall lays out for you.

It is a collaborative storytelling effort, where the players are as much part of the storytelling process as the Games Marshall.

How can I get Sanctuary's Edge?

Sanctuary’s Edge is currently in its final phase of development.

At Comicon, we plan to unveil the Sanctuary’s Edge Primer. The Primer will contain everything that a player would need to get acquainted with the world of Sanctuary’s Edge, as well as the complete rules of the game to get started.

Currently, we wish to see our game in the hands of as many excited and interested players as possible, so we’ll be handing out copies of the Primer for free in printed or PDF formats to anyone interested in giving it a read.

We’ll also be at Comicon in person to talk about Sanctuary’s Edge to anyone willing to hear us go on and on about it.

Hope to see you there!

For more information find us on


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